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Train Your Way to Awesome Adoption

Well trained users are every admin's key to awesome adoption.   Fact. It is a subject close to my heart and one on which I have now delivered several presentations. Each time I have given a talk on training I have been overwhelmed by positive feedback and questions which followed and so I know that it is an area of concern for admins and consultants alike. Here are my recommendations to help you to plan and deliver a successful training session: How to plan a successful training session?  Start by capturing the answers to the following questions: Who are you training? Make sure you know who you will be training, the business or division they work for, and their roles. You will need this to settle on the answers to: How will you group your trainees? How many sessions will be required? Numbers will play a part in these decisions, if you are training two new starters then you don't need ten sessions but choose the size of your sessions and who you group together c