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10 Things I Didn’t Do at the Salesforce World Tour London

Now I am not usually a glass half empty kinda gal but I can't help but dwell on all the things that I missed at this month's Salesforce World Tour in London. Here is my top 10: Have a photo taken with Darth Vader (after sharing the ' top 25 ' line up with him a photo would have been a great momento) Attend a silent disco breakout (not even New Features for Salesforce Admins with Gillian, Mike & Kris ) Secure any swag whatsoever (I'm particularly jealous of those sporting the London t-shirt with a cloud replacing the o) Join a circle of success (hosted by the wonderful success team incl. favourites Fran & Deirdre ) Attend the Women in Leadership discussion (thankfully I could catch up via Freya 's twitter feed) Get a photo with Saasy (at least my 5th failed attempt to do so) Catch the Sales Cloud keynote with Tim Clarke and Chris Hoy (thankfully captured on YouTube ) Meet with my AE or any of the people who asked to meet up (apolog