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Where to find me at Dreamforce 2016

As we all descend into Dreamforce countdown mode, the realisation is starting to sink in that I will soon be boarding the long flight to my 2nd Dreamforce.

Last year was my first visit and a tough but rewarding experience. I wrote a blog entitled Solo in San Francisco and Dazed at Dreamforce upon my return which included the final paragraph:

I made a pledge to myself that I WILL attend in 2016. I will be more prepared for its scale, I will be more relaxed, yet more focused, I will talk to more people and I will be confident that they will want to talk to me. I probably won't speak as I don't want to add nerves to the mix. Maybe in 2017.....

I've kept my pledge and I am lucky enough to be attending again this year but I took the plunge and am also speaking.
Both of my sessions are on Thursday, the first at 9.30am and the second at 1pm.
Please join me.

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Back in June I wrote a blogabout how I had recently embraced public speaking, I felt like I had learnt so much in the first 6 months of the year and I wanted to share my experiences and hopefully inspire others to follow my lead (up onto the stage). I even included my top ten tips, as I know everyone loves a list.

Soon after I learnt that two of my local MVPs, Jodi Wagner and Keir Bowden, were launching a 6 week programme, supported by Salesforce, to train and encourage greater diversity of speakers at Salesforce user groups, world tour, and ultimately, Dreamforce.

Though I wasn't quite the target audience, having spoken at London's Calling, London World Tour, as well as several user groups, I put my hand up to attend. I knew that even though I wasn't a complete beginner, I still had a lot to learn and I was absolutely certain that I could be taught something from two pros like Jodi and Keir.

Session One
As you would expect we started at the beginning.
We shared why we wan…