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Boost Not Berate

Sometimes we have moments of self-assessment and clarity, and they are not always positive. I talk to myself, I know this, but I have only just taken real note of the fact that so much of my narration is self criticism . For example, I called myself stupid 3 times putting the washing out the other day. How one can hang the washing out incorrectly I don't even know, but I judged that I had made a mess of it. More often, as someone who spends much of my working day trying to get Salesforce to do what I want it to, and often not immediately succeeding. It is not unknown for me to be sat, literally head in hands, muttering at my inability to triumph before spotting my mistake, and, of course, berating myself for making said mistake. Why do we do this? I tell myself to stop picking on myself but its a habit I slip back into with ease. This week French Touch Dreamin' released the photos taken at the event here . As a presenter at the conference there were photos of me