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Minimum Viable Product?*

Picture the scene, it was an average Tuesday morning on the last day of February. I was up slightly earlier than normal as I was traveling to our Birmingham office. I was nearly ready to kiss my still sleeping husband goodbye and leave the house when I picked up my phone and quickly scanned my notifications. What's that? Received at 3am from one Holly Firestone with a subject line of Congratulations ! My finger has never moved so fast, open open open email now. Ohhhh Myyyyy..... cue a rather loud scream as I ran into the bedroom to tell my now very alarmed husband that I wasn't being murdered but was instead an MVP. A Salesforce MVP. A most valuable professional in the Salesforce ecosystem. Me. Mind blown. I did what I later found out several of my fellow Winter 17 class did, which was to reply to check that Holly wasn't channelling Warren Beatty in opening the wrong envelope... I then had 9 hours before the award was made public. How would I last that time