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How to Stay on Track When the Gremlins Attack

"What's the worst that can happen?" Before I stepped onto the stage for the first time I know this was said to me, I also know that I have said it to others experiencing those, oh so common, last minute jitters. I hate to bring this out into the open but the thing won't always go smoothly, there will be glitches and though we may want to tell ourselves, and others, that it'll be fine, nothing will go wrong, this can be a white lie. So let's talk about this reality and how we should, as the saying goes, " hope for the best but be prepared for the worst ". Admittedly not the worst but I have faced a few challenges over the last few years. I can't trump Brad who notoriously fell off the Dreamforce stage and had to be taken to hospital (he thankfully made a full recovery) but here is what I have faced: It started off gently at Surf Force , mid-flow I was made aware that my dulcet tones weren't reaching the back of the room a