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EMEA Analyst Summit - Cloud Updates

In my last post EMEA Analyst Summit - EMEA Business Update  I talked about how I was lucky enough to be invited to the Salesforce's EMEA Analyst Summit and what I learnt from Miguel Milano, President of EMEA's opening session. In this post I talk about what I learnt from the rest of the day, which was jam packed with another six sessions following Miguel's. Starting with Scott Ivell, Senior Director of Product Marketing, who presented the 'State of the Product Clouds' Scott presented the capabilities of the Intelligent Customer Success Platform which is now much more comprehensive and layered than ever before due to acquisition and development. He told us that Salesforce has the ambition to be the leader in every space. With the new Commerce Cloud largely made possible through the purchase of Demandware, the addition of Quip as an additional collaboration tool, and Einstein's AI technology, the suite of products available to customers is now on a co

EMEA Analyst Summit - EMEA Business Update

I was recently invited by the Salesforce Market Strategy Team to attend the EMEA Analyst Summit. I didn't know that such a team, or indeed such an event, existed but I was happy to accept the invitation and find out more about both. My role was to network and be available to the room full of analysts if they wanted to learn about the platform from a customer's perspective (as I do indeed work for a customer as opposed to an ISV or SI), or to enquire about my experience of the company and community as an MVP.  The event was held at The Haymarket Hotel in London, in the glamorous Shooting Gallery and last Wednesday morning myself, 11 Salesforce execs, and 33 analysts settled down with a cup of coffee and a smoked salmon bagel and waited for the event to begin. John Taschek kicked the day off with introductions and then Miguel Milano, President of EMEA delivered the the first session - EMEA Business Update. Miguel painted an extremely positive picture