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Looking Back and Planning Ahead

I've blinked and another year is over. I know I am not alone in feeling this way but I just don't know where the time goes! Which also forms a handy excuse for not achieving all you had hoped to accomplish in the past year. Blaming being busy and the time flying by is instinctive, but just a short moment of self reflection is enough to remind you that excuses are easy to make, but are not going to fill you with purpose and pride. Now I am not saying my 2017 hasn't been successful, I have achieved a huge amount this year and I am proud of all of it. Sometimes, however, that can be an issue in itself, it is tempting to be content with the levels you have reached, and not push yourself that bit further. Which is why I am setting my goals for 2018, and why you should too. I'm mapping out what a successful 2018 will look like for me, and planning the steps I need to take to meet these goals over the next 365 days. The Importance of Goal Setting In the recent pa