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Crossing the Channel for the Community

Last week I travelled to my first international Salesforce event outside of San Francisco. Though I have been lucky enough to attend Dreamforce for the last 3 years, I haven't been able to stretch to attending any other event outside of the UK. Don't get me wrong, I have travelled to plenty of events within the UK, including Scotland, Wales, Leicester, and at least one London based event per month (normally more) but international travel is expensive and involves more time out of the office and so has been challenging to swing. I had to miss both the first edition of both French Touch and Dreamole due to work commitments and so when the dates for the 2nd FTD were released I blocked out my work and personal diaries and pledged to do all I could to attend. This was made easier when my session submission was successful, I was able to take this to my employer and use it to obtain the green light to attend. When seeking the permission, the funding, or the justification to att