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My Advice To This Year's 1st Time Speakers

Last year, at my 2nd Dreamforce, I presented two sessions on the Admin Track, one solo on the Admin Theater, and one two-handed Breakout session. At this point I had already spoken at many different Salesforce user groups and community events, nevertheless Dreamforce was (is) a daunting proposition. The admin track session owners do a great job of looking after all speakers, newbies and veterans alike, but when it comes to the time of your session, the solo presenters amongst us have only ourselves to rely upon. If you are like me then the minutes before you step on stage, but can see the waiting audience, you will wonder why on earth you ever thought this was a good idea. Yet, the moment you walk off the stage you will be wondering how soon you can do it again! Next month's Dreamforce will again see a large number of 1st time speakers who are probably starting to feel the nerves set in right about now. Here is my advice to them all: DO Familiarise yourself with your sur

Join me at Dreamforce 2017

We now have just a month until Dreamforce 17 is upon us and agenda builder is set to go live next week so I know that everyone's planning is well underway. As we all work through the sessions bookmarking enough to fill twice as many time slots, here are two more to add to the list - Wednesday 8th November - 1.30pm-1.50pm - Admin Theater  Bring Users With You on the Trail to Lightning Lightning is the future of Salesforce. New features and functionality come to Lightning every release that aren't available in Classic, so it is time to make the switch. We have to form a plan to move our users to Lightning, including long-time Classic users. Join me as l share how to build out a change management strategy with Lightning in mind, including some key takeaways to help you convince your most reluctant users to embrace the change. Wednesday 8th November - 3pm-3.40pm - Breakout AppExchange for Admins: Apps Every Admin Should Know AppExchange is an admin's secret we