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My DF17 Highlights

Dreamforce 2017 was, of course, epic.  Highlights? Oh yes, I have a few: Number 1 -  Presenting on the Dreamforce stage For the second year in a row I had both a Theater and a Breakout session to prepare for. Once again I found the experience extremely rewarding and received great engagement and follow up questions from the audience. Standing room only at my Breakout session Number 2 - Michelle Obama Marc Benioff's Q&A with Michelle Obama's was worth every minute we had to wait in order to secure and then keep our reserved seats. No photos were allowed which meant we could focus on being inspired by the sense she was talking about equality. Number 3 - Being Awarded a Golden Hoodie Having received the #AwesomeAdmin award at the London World Tour in 2016, before #LifeWithGoldie existed, I was fully inducted into the club when the team retrospectively awarded us with our sparkly hoodies. Number 4 - Meeting Parker Harris Parker was neve

Ready to Watch - Women in Tech and Equality Content from Dreamforce 2017

If you either couldn't make it to Dreamforce 2017, or couldn't clone yourself and get to all the sessions you wanted to, then you are probably patiently waiting for the team to load the videos of all the content you missed. Me too! Luckily the team have been super speedy this year and a ton is already online. So here is my hit list, I will add to it as the content is released: Equality Keynote: Art, Activism, and Impact  (opening) Interviews with special guests at the opening of the Equality Keynote, with Tony Prophet. Equality Keynote: Art, Activism, and Impact A conversation with creative and engaged problem solvers, artists and innovators. Laurene Powell Jobs, founder and President of Emerson Collective,, founder & CEO, and renowned artist JR discuss how they are using innovative approaches to raise awareness of critical issues and develop solutions to address problems. Equality Summit: Authentic Leadership Hear how powerhouse leaders, Jane