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Tips to Tackling Salesforce Certifications

Exams are odd things and affect people differently, I have known several incredibly intelligent people who just don't do well in the exam situation. Yet exams are a part of life for the average Salesforce professional and it is definitely better to go into the test centre feeling prepared. At the time of writing I have six Salesforce certifications. Several were achieved in the last year and I feel that I have developed a technique and approach in this time, which I will now share. I answer these questions -  Which certification should I tackle next? When will I be ready to sit the exam? Where should I take it? How should I prepare for the exam? How should I tackle the exam? Which certification should I tackle next? Here in 2018 there are 25 different Salesforce certifications, grouped into 6 different roles and tracks. Whereas it used to be obvious which cert to go for next based on whether you were an Admin, Developer, or Consultant, now we have more options and