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Join me at London World Tour 2018

I am sure everyone is bored of me telling them that May is my favourite month, but it is, and here is why: The sun comes out in London and life feels slightly lighter. In the UK we get two extra days off work (two Mondays no less). It is my birthday month (read as an excuse for meeting up with friends and family). It's when the Salesforce World Tour road show hits London. World Tour in London is a big deal.  A rather small percentage of Salesforce users and professionals, even employees, from London get to attend Dreamforce, the cost of flights and accommodation involved make it a tough sell. This means that World Tour becomes to the main event of the year. It sells out weeks in advance, before we even get to May. As an active member of the London community for a number of years now my World Tour week (yes the fun spreads over the entire week) is always chock-a-block. I am asked to be involved in a number of ways and I am only too happy to say yes to everythi