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Prove it to Yourself

Let's start with a question. Why do we take Salesforce certifications? To get that job which requires a certified candidate? To add to the number of certifications your partner employer holds? To prove to your peers and bosses that you are the subject matter expert? Because everyone seems to be doing it these days? Who doesn't love a good exam? I believe the best reason to take a Salesforce certified exam is to prove to yourself that you are an expert in your field, that you aren't 'winging' it. In short, to silence your inner critic . The London Women in Tech user group, which I lead with Jodi and Freya , kicked off 2018 with an event entitled Changing Our Relationship with the Crazy Lady Inside . It was led by Nic Conway and Danielle MacLeod of Somebody Inside , who helped the 70+ strong audience identify and control the 'crazy lady inside', their name for the internal voice which questions our abilities and can fill us with self-doubt.