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Another Special World Tour

The Salesforce road show has been to town and after a few days' recovery time, I can reflect on what was another awesome day (and tiring, did I mention tiring?) It was my first official event since becoming an MVP and so I wanted to be sure to catch the keynote from the reserved seating section. This meant that I headed straight to the main room (through full security) upon registration. It was worth it, not just for the view, and being able to sit my my fellow MVPs, but because the seating, being front and centre, was also next to the some VIPs. There was part of me that felt a wee bit sorry for Tony Prophet, who was prevented from taking his seat when he inadvertently walked past a gang of MVPs who couldn't resist the photo op  - Guilty as Charged!  Probably controversially I have to admit to not being a massive fan of a keynote..... I have missed both at the last two Dreamforces and may have skipped last year's WT one if I hadn't been due on stage to

London World Tour 2017 - A Personal Preview

It is that time of year again - May. It is my favourite month, the British weather tends to be brighter (comparatively speaking), we get two extra days off by way of bank holidays, it is the month of my birth, AND , it is the time that the Salesforce World Tour comes to town. Last year's World Tour was a special one as I was invited on stage pre-keynote and given the #AwesomeAdmin award, this was the highlight of a jam-packed and wonderful day. Here are my thoughts from the time - 10 Things I Didn't Do at the Salesforce World Tour London All this means that 2017's event has a lot to live up to. I am hopeful it won't disappoint though as I have another busy day planned PLUS it is the first big Salesforce event which I will be attending as an MVP. I am looking forward to getting a seat up front for the keynote and seeing my name on the thank you slide. Last year I was on Trailhead duty from 8am and it wiped me out for the rest of the day so I have given myself a