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Good Things Come In Small Packages

Scheduled just three weeks after Dreamforce 2018 closed, InspireEast  shared some of the qualities of the world's biggest tech conference, but differed in just as many ways. Dreamforce offered 2,000+ sessions, and 171,000 attendees, while at InspireEast we had a choice of 4 or 5 sessions for every time slot and the numbers were into 3, rather than 6, figures. I have attended Dreamforce four times and you may think that an annual trip to San Francisco is enough conferencing for one season but I find so much value in these smaller community conferences that I was keen to jump on the train to Cambridge as soon as my jetlag had passed. Here is why I attended InspireEast and have previously travelled to Surf Force , French Touch Dreamin , my local (and favourite) London's Calling , and even the further afield WiTnessSuccess . There is time to have real conversations with fellow attendees, not just snatched pleasantries. Dreamforce is often called 'one big family reunio

Women in Tech at Dreamforce 2018

Here is a list of sessions from Dreamforce 2018 which I found of interest as a Woman in Technology.  I am posting this here so that I can share the links with my fellow WiT members and interested parties. The Era of the Trailblazing Woman Hosted by Molly Q Ford from Salesforce's Equality Team, hear from a panel of Trailblazing Women - Founders, CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Activists. They are visionary, inclusive, progressive, and they are game changers and industry shakers. Managing Up For Admins: Inspire, Pitch, and Speak Candidly Supercharge your influence and change your organisation by using tactical strategies to set up and have pivotal conversations with executives. Learn how to connect with what executives care about, distill data into stories and calls to action, and ask for commitments.  Ladies Be Architects: Admins Can Be Architects Too Even if you've never even thought of becoming a Certified Technical Architect, it's worth learning about an