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2017 - A Big Year

My last post of 2017 was all about the importance of setting ourselves goals. If you missed it please check it out here . The final paragraph was entitled Take Time to Look Back and Celebrate Successes , so I am now taking my own advice and publishing (and celebrating) my 2017 highlights. Though 2017 has sped past at Lightning speed (do you see what I did there?), when I cast my mind back to the beginning of the year, it seems like an absolute age ago. So much has changed, yet so very much has stayed the same. However, each month there was something to celebrate: January saw me make the trip to Leicester to speak at the User Group there. It was the first time I had attended a user group outside of London (where we have 8), and it was a great experience to see how other groups are arranged. I sat on a panel as well as delivered a presentation on end-user training. I was also thrilled to be featured on the Salesforce Admins' website in their Admin Stories series here . I