My DF17 Highlights

Dreamforce 2017 was, of course, epic.  Highlights? Oh yes, I have a few:

Number 1 - Presenting on the Dreamforce stage
For the second year in a row I had both a Theater and a Breakout session to prepare for. Once again I found the experience extremely rewarding and received great engagement and follow up questions from the audience.

Standing room only at my Breakout session

Number 2 - Michelle Obama
Marc Benioff's Q&A with Michelle Obama's was worth every minute we had to wait in order to secure and then keep our reserved seats. No photos were allowed which meant we could focus on being inspired by the sense she was talking about equality.

Number 3 - Being Awarded a Golden Hoodie
Having received the #AwesomeAdmin award at the London World Tour in 2016, before #LifeWithGoldie existed, I was fully inducted into the club when the team retrospectively awarded us with our sparkly hoodies.

Number 4 - Meeting Parker Harris
Parker was never getting away from the Admin Keynote quickly, he does not navigate the Dreamforce campus surrounded by the same security as Marc Benioff, and is always approachable, meaning there is normally a group of us asking for a photo. The 3 London AwesomeAdmins (Claire, Julia, and I) grabbed our opportunity and Parker was super friendly.

Number 5 - Being Part of the MVP Community at Dreamforce
This was my first Dreamforce since I was awarded the MVP title. Though I knew a lot of my fellow MVPs from past events or from talking on Slack, Twitter, or the Community, I tried to catch up with as many of them as I could 'IRL'.  Waiting for the keynotes to start (we had to be in our seats super early) was the perfect opportunity to do this. As was the party on Wednesday evening.

The reserved seats were a real priviledge

MVPJs were a fun gift from the wonderful community team

Number 6 - Seeing the Salesforce Teams at Work
We all know how tirelessly the teams at Salesforce work to make Dreamforce as seamless and successful as it is, but I am always amazed at how they manage to pull it off. Seeing it all come together and getting to congratulate and thank them is always a personal highlight.

Saying thanks to the Community team of Holly, Alex, Sofia, Tiffany, Kendall, Mallory and Jessica (and Erica not pictured)
Gillian, Becky, Rebecca, LeeAnne, Mike, Megan, and Rachel of Awesome Admin fame.

Not forgetting the Developer Evangelist Team, the Trailhead Team... the list goes on.

Number 7 - Being Inspired
Each year Dreamforce inspires me in two main ways:
It reminds me or teaches me how I can use the platform to streamline and improve the processes in my Salesforce org. 
It also never fails to inspire me to be a better person. This year this was taken up a notch with The Equality Summit, StudentForce, Trailheart, 1% Pledge, and so many individual stories (to name but a few).

Number 8 - Spending Time With The London Ohana Abroad
Though I see a lot of the London based community throughout the year, there is something special about meeting up with them overseas. 


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