Women in Tech at Dreamforce 2018

Here is a list of sessions from Dreamforce 2018 which I found of interest as a Woman in Technology.  I am posting this here so that I can share the links with my fellow WiT members and interested parties.

The Era of the Trailblazing Woman
Hosted by Molly Q Ford from Salesforce's Equality Team, hear from a panel of Trailblazing Women - Founders, CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Activists. They are visionary, inclusive, progressive, and they are game changers and industry shakers.

Supercharge your influence and change your organisation by using tactical strategies to set up and have pivotal conversations with executives. Learn how to connect with what executives care about, distill data into stories and calls to action, and ask for commitments. 

Even if you've never even thought of becoming a Certified Technical Architect, it's worth learning about and finding out what it REALLY takes. The CTA certification has been around for years, but only a very small number of women have pursued this certification, until now. Today there is a powerful worldwide movement underway to increase diversity and promote equality on the #JourneyToCTA.

RAD Women (http://radwomen.org/) has been teaching women to code on the Salesforce platform since 2015. Experienced developers volunteer as coaches for advanced Salesforce admins, meeting once a week for 10 weeks. Hear how the program works, how it is making an impact, and how to get involved.

Shine Theory: Allyship for Women
Journey through historical examples of how supporting other women can elevate women's ideas and voices to contribute to a world in which there are more seats at the table for women. Explore how women can be dependable allies for each other. Learn how to be an Ally to all women so we all have an opportunity to have our voices heard. Let's use the richness of our difference and the power of our commonalities to create better experiences for all women.
Are You An Imposter? Own It
I'm not good enough. I don't know as much as everyone else. What if someone asks me a question and I don't know the answer? Does your inner voice ever say things like this? Join us to learn about Imposter syndrome, its affect, and how to deal with these feelings. We'll share tips for overcoming these negative thoughts, and how facing your fears and relying on the Salesforce community can help you succeed.

Learn how to leave your microphone on, encourage others to unmute themselves, and how to recruit allies so all of our diverse voices are heard. Join our interactive presentation that shares the successes of an experienced woman in tech speaking out, speaking up, and recruiting allies. Diversity is the catalyst for innovation but only if that diversity is actually heard. 26% of the computing workforce is female; however, women's voices are so often muted, either voluntarily or by others. 

Evidence is compelling that gender diversity benefits businesses and society as a whole but, the question for many remains how to best serve as an ally to drive change. This panel presentation will discuss why we need male allies to diversify our teams in a meaningful manner. You'll learn ways to recognize and overcome biases, and working tactics to put to use immediately in your company that will drive communication and understanding across your project teams.


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