The Week Of.... London's Calling

Behind the times I know but I have just finished the TV series The Night of and it is still on my mind.

Anyway, back on topic, we are now very much in The Week of London's Calling.

This community event will always hold special place in my heart. I was there at Dreamforce 2015, sat drinking champagne in the sunshine, when the idea was captured on a napkin and the rest, as they say, is history.

See Francis' blog post for more background -

Knowing the leaders as I do I have a fair idea of how much blood, sweat, and tears they have spent pulling these two events together and I know they will again be exhausted but proud come Friday evening.

To add to my attachment, the inaugural event in February 2016 was my first Salesforce speaking slot outside of user groups. It gave me the confidence and exposure to move on to present at several more events that year, including London's World Tour and Dreamforce.

Now it is just about here again and I know it will be totally awesome. It is going to be bigger this year, with additional rooms secured, even more sessions, and extra tickets. Yet it still sold out ages ago.

This year I am presenting Tackling the "We've always done it this way" at 10am, following the opening keynote by Peter Coffee.

I am looking forward to sharing my insights with the audience but also, the major plus of having an early slot is that I can afterwards relax and catch as many great sessions as I can, only stressing about deciding between them!

The schedule is full to bursting with excellent content -
Offering a choice of 5 different sessions in each time slot. We are one lucky community and I am counting down until Friday morning.

See you there (if you snagged a ticket before they sold out)


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