Give Your Users A Helping Hand With In-App Guidance

I recently presented at the inaugural Virtual Dreamin', and my session was entitled
Give Your Users a Helping Hand with In-App Guidance.

My session talks about the Prompts In-App Guidance functionality and not the Walkthrough feature as this is a paid add-on and requires a MyTrailhead subscription. I prefer to highlight the items to which we all have access, rather than the chargeable extras.

In this presentation I talk through seven different use cases as well as demonstrate exactly how easy they are for every admin to create, deploy, and monitor.

In-App Guidance is a gift to your user and to yourself. Provide step by step prompts, leave recommendations and tips, as well as documentation, all for your users right from within the Salesforce UI. Give them the answers before they realise they need them, and cut down on those support tickets. In this session we’ll go through some of the best use cases for In-App Guidance, leaving you empowered and inspired to build them out in your own org.

As always, Salesforce enhances its features on a regular basis so please keep an eye on the documentation to keep up to date.


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